Last week was my first week “back to work.” I’m not sure what I did exactly, but it wasn’t much!

I did manage to draw some people while taking the train from Columbia City to downtown Seattle. The drawings you see here aren’t those sketches, though. When I got home, I re-drew them from the sketches.

What you are seeing here are Strangers, Once Removed!

The original sketches are really, really rough, so I’m working with limited information when I do these further drawings. But it’s enough!

The line quality is achieved by using Magic Markers (I bought these markers at the airport in Philadelphia… I will try to find a link and post it later). I draw the face with this clunky black marker, and then go back into it with the “white” maker, which actually erases part of the black line. The effect is a “carved” line. It also leaves a little ghost where the line was, which I like.