A week ago today I went to my office/studio and got a VERY SLOW START. In fact, I ended up just lying on the floor for at least an hour, thinking and daydreaming and resting. I guess I was tired.

After about an hour of lying there not working, I suddenly HAD to go to the art store that very minute so that I could buy some gouache, a media I’d been wanting to try forever.

Once at the art store, however, I bought some commercial tubes of egg tempera instead (because I’m easily distracted).

OMGosh… I am loving it! It’s the best of watercolor and oil paint, combined. And the finish looks kind of like a monoprint, which I also love. Look at these textures!!

The black swan piece above has been modified somewhat since I scanned it in (I changed the scary red eye); so I’ll rescan and also show about six more paintings in a day or two… still trying to get the hang of the medium, but I’m feeling really excited.

Has anyone out there worked with egg tempera? Is there something I should know about it, such as, why isn’t it more widely used?

Have a great week!