The Journalfest 2010 website is live!

I attended this event last year as a student, with my son, Wes (14). It was a wonderful event: about half the size of Artfest, it offers smaller class sizes with passionate attendees devoted to visual journaling. I loved it, and I think it opened up a whole new world for Wes!

I am teaching three classes, and my competition is fierce. Oh my. There really are some wonderful classes to choose from this year! But I’m very excited about my own offerings, as well:

The dates are  October 27-31, 2010 and will be in Port Townsend, WA. I would be honored if you joined me for one of my workshops!

P.S. A note on the cost. In this economy it’s so difficult to justify spending money in this way. But I encourage you to think about it… wonderful, wonderful things happen at these events. Going to Artfest in 2002 CHANGED my life! Really!