NOTE: The-Art-of-Silliness Two online workshop will take place September 15-October 15… registration will open August 15… it will get it’s own post very soon, but in the meantime you can read about the first class here! (And you don’t have to have taken the first class to participate in the Silliness 2…)

The Art of Silliness: Daily Activity Sheets for Adults

An Online Workshop with Carla Sonheim • April 1-30, 2010


People have asked me periodically if I am going to do an online workshop. So far, and until last night, my answer was “not now.” If I was going to go the online route, I wanted the offering to be unique and offer something new and different, something that wasn’t already out there, and something that was uniquely “me.” Until now the idea for an online class eluded me.

But last night I got an idea…. Activity Sheets! Handouts! Worksheets! (Do you remember the workbooks we used to get as kids? Remember how fun they were?)

As a workshop teacher, my goal is to help adult students recover a more child-like approach to creating. To loosen up… shed those fears, and just let the joy of creating be the primary focus. That’s what this workshop will be about.

Here’s the scoop:

• Every day I will create an Activity Sheet just for you. Worksheets may include one (or ten) of the following: drawing exercises (can’t draw? YES YOU CAN!), journaling prompts, a poem to illustrate, writing exercises, more drawing games, collage prompts, arty puzzles, scribbling assignments… (just to name a few). FUN!

• Each day you will receive an email from me with a url link to the new pdf handout, which you can download, print, and complete!

* The email will also include quotes, stories, and knock-knock jokes. (HAHA)

• 30 days, 30 handouts. At the end of the class you can bind them all together for your very own Silliness Workbook!

• They will be created daily as the month goes on… in other words, this course is not preplanned down to the finest detail. It’s more of an organic approach — kind of like being a kid can be!

• Our goal: to get you to just PLAY, just 10 minutes a day, with pen and paper, thoughts and images. (You will be surprised how a shot of silliness like this will positively inform the other goings-on in your day, including your regular artwork.)

• Every handout will have an “Extra Credit” section, in case you want to spend MORE than 10 minutes that day creating like a kid.

• Speaking of kids… this is a perfect class to do together with your children!! Each household can download as many sheets as they like.

• A blog dedicated to the class will be created and administered throughout the month and will be the place for you to post comments, questions, and/or links to your finished Activity Pages.

• The 30 handouts will be up and available for download until June 30th,, if for some reason you need to miss a day (or a couple of weeks).

• I promise to make it fun. (Do you want to join me?)

Cost: $25

April 1-30, 2010

Registration is now closed.

Next Silly Class: Fall 2010

Registration opens August 2010


A note on the timing:

Yes, April is right around the corner.

You: Yee gads, Carla, don’t you think you could have gotten more students if you had taken more time to market it?

Carla: Yes, but I have the idea NOW. I have to do it NOW!!!!!!!

PS… you can sign up any time during the month of April, and can download and catch up at your own pace.