Home again.

I spent the last week in Hampton, Virginia at the most recent Art & Soul event. I taught three one-day workshops and had such a great time with everyone!! But… I didn’t take a single photo! (Thankfully, …slowly she turned took some of the Junk Mail class… thank you!)

The two pieces shown here were sample paintings for the Creatures on Wood class… the bunnies are sold, but you can purchase the lovebirds here if you like!

It was an extra-long trek home (three planes), and Steve begged me to let him make my flight arrangements from now on. I will, next time!

I wrote several snarky haiku poems while sitting on the runway Houston-bound, but they’re really too awful to share with you (trust me).

Well, okay, just one:

The man next to me
has huge shoulders, hairy arms
encroaching on me.

And here’s the “nicer” one I wrote after I had had a nap.

Guess they’re not so bad
All these people on the plane.
They’re only human.

+ + + + +

Hey! My advance copy of “Drawing Lab” was waiting for me when I got home… will show you the next post!