A few weeks ago I attended week #2 of Barbara Fugate’s Zoo Sketching Class. (I was SOOOOOO close to skipping out, due to my enormous To-Do List, but in the end I just HAD to go. I’m glad I did.)

The orangutan was the fourth animal exhibit we had visited before we were able to draw anything. We had been “drawing” for 45 minutes, and none of us had more than a gesture mark or two. It was beginning to get silly! The bears were out flirting until we showed up; the elephant was super close… until we tried to draw her and then she turned on her heels and walked away; the lions were lazily resting in the tall grass, but so far from where we stood we couldn’t really see them… The animals just weren’t COOPERATING!

But then that orangutan up there, right at the window? He was just around the corner from the bears, the elephants, and the lions…. and was the perfect model for 10-15 minutes.

Doors close.

But then others open up.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

PS… I found out yesterday that I will be teaching two classes at Artfest 2011… more on that in the next post!