1. You guys!!!! Drawing Lab is doing really well on Amazon.com!! Thank you to all of you who ordered from them and helped that happen!

2. I’m in the middle of drawing the last of the elephant drawings right now, to go with the books I’m sending out directly—thank you also to those who ordered them from me! (Everything should be sent out by tomorrow….)

3. Dawn Sokol wrote a nice book review the other day… thank you, Dawn! (And be sure to look for her new book, available for preorder now: Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls.)

4. My friend Jill Berry (who contributed to Drawing Lab and is busy writing her own book right now) is teaching what looks to be a GREAT workshop in Canada called The Painted Book. It’s July 5-9th and sounds heavenly… five days!!!

5. Finally (for the moment), I was contacted last week by a wonderful yahoo group called Artists of the Round Table (A.R.T.), who are organizing an “in-depth” group study of Drawing Lab! Their study is going to start July 5th as well… go here to sign up for the group if you’d like to play along… I think it’s such a fantastic idea…

Jacqui, the list owner, writes:

In the group, there are many who are on a fixed income, and cannot afford to take
classes and workshops that are offered in their area. Despite that, we encourage
our members that if they truly want to learn, there are many books out there
written by wonderful artists that they can dig deep into. We also advise not
to merely purchase the books, read a few pages and let them sit and collect
dust in their library…….but instead, read them from cover to cover, and follow
through on the assignments in the book.

We will not be “teaching” from your book, what I am advocating is a cover to cover
study of your book. I encourage the members to make workbooks or journals for
taking notes and we upload worksheets with the schedule, check list of materials,
and the projects to do in the book.