And the winner is…

Commenter #22, Jacqui, email me your address at and I’ll send that right out!


Thank you to everyone who commented. By now you have probably guessed that this month-long book launch celebration is really just a cheap ploy to boost my comments….. muahahahahahaha!

I will be giving away lots of art this month, but here’s a drawing I just CAN’T part with:

It appears on page 87 and is the opening image for the “Inspired by Imagination” section… I am really proud of this drawing… magical pieces made that you just love are rare indeed, and I “love” this rat!! (Now YOU might not understand why I’m so attached to this drawing and not others, but that’s okay!!! What we like and don’t like is very subjective, of course.)

People has asked if it’s hard to let go of my art. The answer is “yes,” and then, “no.” Meaning, if I really like a piece, it can be excruciating to let it go at first, so I’ll decide to “keep it.” But then, after several months or even a year, I usually-eventually am ready to send it off to a new home.


There will be another giveaway on Monday, July 5th, with the winner being picked on Tuesday the 6th! Have a great weekend everyone!!