When I was working on putting together DL last summer, I had already been following Sarah Wilde’s blog for awhile. She is a teacher as well, and had written some wonderful tutorials about different aspects of her drawing journey.

I especially loved her “direct-response drawings” of people, and they are the basis of Lab 10: At the Coffee Shop in Drawing Lab… I was so delighted she agreed to be a part of the book!

Here is a selection of some of her direct response drawings, only some of which made it into the book (I wish they ALL could have!):

… and some I just swiped from her blog… (Sarah! I hope that is okay with you!)






Sarah is hosting a book giveaway — your cue to go to her blog, take a look around, and then make a comment for a chance to win! She will be picking the winner on Wednesday, July 15th… so head on over!

BONUS: During the month of July Sarah is doing a Sketchbook Challenge… it’s a months’ worth of prompts, both for herself and for any of us who want to play along… I am!