Today’s Special Assignment is to stop what you’re doing for just a moment and “scribble it.”

  1. Use any writing utensil that you like. (But if you use a pencil, “forget” that it has an eraser!)
  2. Look around and decide on something to draw… a plant, a chair, a stuffed animal, some people, your choice.
  3. Start scribbling, looking at your subject about 60-75% of the time. Glance down at your paper every few seconds, but spend MORE TIME looking at your subject than your paper.
  4. Keep your hand loose and work quickly.
  5. If it doesn’t look like much, don’t worry… it’s a scribble!
  6. You are mainly trying to get the proportions and “essence” of your subject. Scribble the INSIDE of your subject as well, to show weight and volume.
  7. When you feel finished, take a moment to look at your drawing and see if there are any major proportional issues you can fix with a line or two.
  8. Done!


Okay, for those of you who DO THE ABOVE ASSIGNMENT, please leave a comment below for a chance to win this piece from the book:

“Miss Monster” is collage, pencil and watercolor and appears on page 75 (Lab 26: One-Eyed Monsters).

NOTE: You do not need to prove that you did the assignment or anything… I will believe you! But if you DO want to share it, you can do so at Drawing Lab flickr.

A winner will be picked at noon Pacific Time, Monday, July 19.

Thanks everyone for all of your nice comments on the previous giveaway posts!