I’m teaching two classes at Artfest next year (April 6-10, 2011). They are…

FRIDAY: Non-Traditional Egg Tempera


Egg tempera was the primary method of painting until around 1500, when oil paints were invented. Long lasting and permanent, it was traditionally applied in numerous thin, transparent layers, using a small brush and a painstaking cross-hatching technique…

But not today!

Today you will use a paintbrush here and there, but most of the application will be with nontraditional items such as spatulas, rags, and palette knives. You will build up and pull back the pigment, building up texture and ending up with soft, velvety paintings that are reminiscent of monotype prints. Swirly and lovely!

As your facilitator I will spend a lot of time working the room, helping you make decisions to create the best paintings possible. Each of you should be able to complete 3-5 paintings.

We always end the day with a show-and-tell, your chance to learn from each other and delight in the days creations.

Interested? More details here.

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Saturday: The Art of Silliness


Here are the Top Five Reasons to take a Silly workshop:

5. You get to complete activity worksheets, third-grade style.

4. The drawings you create are meant to be silly, i.e. not perfect, i.e. not stressful, i.e. FUN!

3. You can mix metaphors all you want and pretend you did it on purpose.

2. You want to lighten up, in your artwork and your life.

1. The supply list is not a list.

* * *

As a workshop teacher, I try to help adult students recover a more child-like approach to drawing and art-making. To loosen up… shed those fears, and just let the joy of creating be the primary focus: That’s what this workshop will be about.

It will be structured thusly:

The class will be divided into four sessions, two in the morning, two in the afternoon. Each session will begin with a worksheet with writing and drawing exercises similar to the ones shown here. (Can’t draw? Yes you can!!)

You might do one-liners, scribbly drawings, blind drawings, doodling, up-side down drawings and drawings with your left foot. You will write a haiku. Toilet paper will be involved.

After each short exercise, you will be given instructions on how to “take it further” in your journals or on paper I provide. Four worksheets, four drawing/mixed media projects – all designed to be silly and serious, both.

All supplies will be provided; just bring yourself, your Sharpie, and your williness to unleash your Inner Silly… Come and play with the Silly Queen!

Still not sure? Here’s a Limerick for U:

It’s okay to want to be silly,
When day-to-day life can be pilly,
It just takes a word
Or a drawing absurd
To lighten your day willy-nilly!

More details here!