Marker and paint on paper…

It seems I’ve been out of the studio forever, or, anyway, way too long. I’m getting impatient!

There are two weeks left of our summer (before Year 10 starts for Wes); after that I will have long, uninterrupted days at my office/studio where I can at least mix a little messy art-making up with the computer stuff!

But I’m happy to be busy. My to-do list is long. Several things get checked off daily, sometimes more. For example, today I deleted or moved almost 400 emails from my inbox while waiting in the orthodontics office (Wes got braces!). I didn’t have internet access, so things like “operator16” and “Ann Littlewort query” went on my HANDWRITTEN To-Do list. Perhaps tomorrow I will look and see what those are, though, because after three hours I came out of there cross-eyed and couldn’t “deal” with another email for the rest of the day.

YEARS of inbox neglect, people. Years.