I think a Five-Bullet-Post is in order today.

  • The above drawing was started with a marker sketch of a shape found on a sidewalk somewhere. I saw something different in the shape, but my husband saw the Superdog! and told me to do that instead. I resisted somewhat (it wasn’t ME), but in the end, humored him. (Of course, all of the people who have flipped through that particular sketchbook have said it’s their favorite drawing!)
  • Last weekend I was on a Blog Radio Talk show… it was about an hour long and was a lot of fun to do! If you would like to listen, follow THIS LINK (and it should start playing automatically).
  • Silly Class Sign-Ups keep coming in… thank you to everyone that has signed up! I so loved doing the class last April, and am excited to see how this one evolves. Put your silly glasses on!!
  • Christer and Christi (my oldest son and daughter-in-law) are coming on Sunday for a few days before they head off to Germany… for a year!! Cool! But, sad! Coolsad!
  • The first workshop in my “Seattle Workshop Series” will start just two weeks from today. I have been Goodwill shopping many times the last few weeks trying to find fresh new props to draw… here’s one:

If you live nearby have been wanting to take a workshop from me, please click here for class descriptions and see if anything catches your eye… I would love to have you! There are six workshops to choose from…

Have a great weekend, everyone!!