1. Wait until it is long overdue.

2. Tell your husband it’s his turn, and ask him to do it.

3. If said husband is out of town and says “no” from 2,000 miles away, take a deep breath and accept that you will have to do it yourself.

4. THINK about cleaning the toilet all day.

5. Complain to 15-year-old son about how poorly designed American toilets are, and how hard they are to clean.

6. Go to bed.

7. Next day, decide to clean the toilet after your coffee.

8. Decide to clean the toilet after your breakfast.

9. Decide to clean the toilet after laundry, vacuuming, and emptying the dishwasher.

10. Decide you are not going to clean the toilet right now, but just clean the bathroom mirror.

11. Clean the mirror with Windex and paper towels.

12. Go ahead and clean the sink area while at it.

13. What the heck, spray the top of the toilet with the Windex.

14. Compose blog post in your head as you start the first wipe-down.

15. Stop, and go downstairs to your computer and write blog post before you forget.

16. Feel guilty that you are writing blog post rather than finishing up the job.

17. Go back upstairs and finish the job.

18. Ajax and brush part.

19. Final touches. Chase wet dust all around the seat with your Windexed paper towel.

20. Deem it “good enough.”