Why the Grumpy Chicken? I’m not really sure. Probably it means that I am deep-down the Grumpiest of all Grumps, hiding behind that smiling face you see up there.

Or… not.

I’m reading the Keith Haring Journals right now. I like what he says:

A lot of times the images are simply born out of the need to do something different. Sometimes they come from consciously wanting to get some idea across. But often it just comes out of my imagination without trying to make it mean anything specific.

(That last sentence is true for me!) He continues:

The challenge is to be in a state of mind which allows spontaneity and chance while still maintaining a level of awareness which allows you to shape and control the image. Every drawing is a performance and a ritual.

He also said this, which is my new favorite quote:

The best reason to paint is that there is no reason to paint.

This rings so true to me, but when I told my husband, he looked scandalized. (Though it could have been about something else… I didn’t delve.)

I’m curious, what do YOU think?