Long day in the office today, and so I took the time to see what would happen if I took the PanPastels to portraiture… I have a stack of vintage photos on my desk to take to some high-schoolers on Friday, so I picked one out and went at it.

Basically I rubbed into the paper 5-8 colors (pretty randomly in the beginning, though with the reference in front of me, guiding my “randomness”). I used my fingers, rather than the make-up applicators that they come with. Then I went back in and “shaped” it with erasers (in this case, both a kneaded rubber eraser and a regular pencil eraser). Then I added back in color as needed (with my fingers!), and erased as needed, until I was satisfied.*

The PanPastels are supposed to erase completely but I haven’t found that to be true… there are some colors that just won’t go away! But that’s okay… usually it adds to the personality of the piece in some way.

– – – – – – – – – – –

* Regarding being “satisfied”: I am never completely satisfied! But there comes a point when I feel that any more working on it would over-work it, and so then I stop (in a way, cutting my losses). Sometimes I’ll push myself and go beyond that moment, and sometimes I’ll like the result better, but usually I don’t!