I had a great time at Journalfest this year! Thank you to all of you who took my classes….

The above scribbling was done in my own journal during the closing party on Saturday… I was pretty beat, and it was all I could manage. (But I like it in a strange way.) The words in the center and underneath were pretty incoherent and confused… the word “tired” was repeated over and over… I wrote it out and then immediately covered most of it… very cathartic.

I’m terrible at taking photos during classes so all I have are three little things to show: The first was a demo piece for the first day’s class, Wretched Girl Journaling. This class was so fun!! We laughed pretty much all day, even to the point of disturbing some of the classes upstairs (sorry Juliana and Orly!). Too, too fun. We did PanPastel portraits of the “principals” of our high school:

The second day was “Drawing + Collage.” Just look at these wonderful lions:

Super successful, each and every one!

The fish, above, was a demo piece for “Journaler’s Drawing Lab.” (I so wish now I had taken more photos of the work completed in class… everyone did amazing things!)

Thank you, Teesha and Tracy, for giving us art-geeks a place to gather and learn and create together.