1. Regular readers know that I sometimes can’t think straight enough to write a normal post, and so revert to “number mode” for awhile: Random thoughts, in a numbered list. (This was #1.)
  2. The two illos above were demo pieces for the Watercolor Transfer Painting class held in Colorado last Sunday, and the cat and dog paintings in the previous post were demo pieces for Imaginary Creatures (Friday). Thank you to Christine from The Artists’ Nook for having me come, and for all the wonderful artists who showed up!
  3. I found out last week that I’m going to lead etsy’s Craft Lab on Monday, February 28, 2011… I am very excited to do this! Details forthcoming…
  4. My son Wes (15) is going to be in a play tonight! He gets to be a poker-playing guy and opens “The Odd Couple” with his line.
  5. This is Wes’ second acting adventure: When he was seven he got to play both a Munchkin AND a Flying Monkey in “The Wizard of Oz.” (Christer, who was 16, was The Tin Man.)
  6. Before tonight’s play, however, I’m going over to The Artfest Annex for an hour to hang out with Teesha and the gang. Join me? (The Journal Meet goes from 6-9pm.)
  7. Bye!