I have such talented friends!!

Over the last several weeks I’ve received emails from some of my favorite people, telling me about what’s new creatively this holiday season. They would all make excellent gifts, so I wanted to pass it along to you as well!

1. Wendy Murray’s novel, The Warrior King.

I met Wendy in 1995 when we both started at Christianity Today magazine (she as an editor; me as an assistant designer). We became instant walking, swimming, and talking buddies… and her presence in the mostly-male hallway was absolutely life-saving! We kept in touch after CTi, and even collaborated on a book together (“Lessons from Lucy About Loving God”).

Wendy is a wonderful writer. The Warrior King is Wendy Murray’s debut novel (after publishing 10 nonfiction titles) and is a novel “about love, lies, theology and mystery that leaves the reader perplexed until the end.” I just ordered two copies, one for myself and one for my sister-in-law… and I can’t wait to get it!!

Here is Wendy’s blog post with more about the book, and go here to purchase directly from Ecco Qua Press.

(Congratulations, Wendy!!)

2. Krista Peel’s fabulous jewelry.

I met Krista Peel in 1997 through mutual friends. She was just 24, but was such a HUGE influence on me in terms of being an artist, following your own vision, etc.

Multi-talented, check out her wonderful paintings here. She also makes super cool earrings, like this pair I just bought:

Krista is cool. If you have a cool jewelry need, she’s your woman!

1. Katherine Dunn’s, The Giacomo Fund or her new book!

I’ve been following Katherine Dunn’s blog for several years, and just love both her art and how she lives her life… she recently published “Creative Illustration Workshop” and my copy sits by my bed where it continues to inspire me long after reading it cover-to-cover one night… it is SUCH a beautiful book!

Katherine also emailed me recently about The Giacomo Fund:

The Giacomo Fund’s current goal is to raise $2,000 so Apifera can create new fenced areas where we can safely house three more abandoned and abused donkeys. We will be adopting them from The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue’s satellite facility in Oregon. I also hope to provide temporary hospice or ER care to up to two donkeys if needed.

Giacomo was a beautiful senior donkey who was rescued in Texas by Peaceful Valley, and then transported to Oregon. We were so excited to give him his forever home here at Apifera. Sadly, he fell ill soon after arriving, the wear and tear on his old body from neglect had caused serious failures, including in his kidneys. We could not let him suffer anymore. This donkey had soul! His passing left a hole in our farm but also connected us to the good people of Peaceful Valley.

Go to her blog to read even more about how to participate or give it as a gift. (Sometimes we don’t need or want more stuff, and something intangible makes the best gift! Katherine has even designed a beautiful gift card to go with it.)