I’m home from a weekend away at CHA. In some ways, a challenging weekend for me, but here are some good things:

1. I got to reconnect with my friend, author Jeaninne Stein (who wrote the bestselling “Re-bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials”). From her bio (to give you an idea of how funny and wonderful she is):

Jeannine Stein writes about fitness, sports medicine and obesity for the Health section. She’s a gym rat from way back and never met an elliptical trainer she didn’t like. Well, maybe one or two. She tempers exercise with a steady diet of reality television because she believes it’s all about balance.

2. Got to spend about 20 minutes chatting with the lovely Tracie Lyn Huskamp (and her partner in crime, Marilyn Huskamp). I got to see Tracie’s new fabric line and it is FANTASTIC. Honestly. I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

3. I enjoyed meeting and talking to Jeremy, Heidi and Winnie (Quarry Books people). I also enjoyed meeting Jan and the others at Barnes & Noble.

4. I REALLY enjoyed meeting the folks who came to the booth and made Picasso Dogs! They were all wonderful. (I took photos, and will sort those out and post soon.)

5. I met Alisa Burke for the first time. She is so cute! (And has some great photos of the CHA show on her blog right now.) I also got to meet Carmi Cimicata (who I’ve “known” from the internet from way back) and got to chat awhile with the awesome Claudine Hellmuth.


Still, the weekend had its challenges. When I got on the airplane yesterday in LA I was all stressed out and tied up in knots. I took out my sketchbook and worked on the above drawing with a ballpoint pen. After about 10 minutes I noticed how calm and relaxed I was feeling. I’m still surprised how healing drawing can be for me.

Well, how are YOU today?