A few years ago I had some blood tests and my doctor said I was anemic. So I started taking an iron supplement and continued diligently until the bottle ran out.

About a year ago I had more blood tests and my doctor said I was still anemic. So I bought another bottle of iron supplements and took those. I might even have bought a replacement bottle, and took those as well, though I can’t really remember.

A few months ago I got a new doctor who looked at my labs and told me I should definitely be taking an iron supplement. Was I? No… but I bought another bottle and kind of sort of took those for about two months, when the bottle ran out. I did buy a second bottle, but for some reason it never got opened.

Two weeks ago I had another blood test and I got a very worried message on my voicemail saying I was severely anemic, and needed to take massive doses of iron IMMEDIATELY. I emailed her back, confessing that I had been “lax” about taking my iron, sorry, and that I would start taking the pills right away. I opened the bottle and have diligently taken an iron pill every day since a week ago Thursday.

Yesterday I had an appointment with said doctor where she explained that my iron levels were so low that one treatment would be a BLOOD TRANSFUSION.



I’m writing this here for several reasons.

  1. If you are experiencing “Helium-Head” or have a strange aversion to doing anything other than the bare minimum, get your iron checked.
  2. If your doctor says you need to take iron pills, take them.
  3. If your husband says you need to take iron pills, take them.
  4. If your friends say you need to take iron pills, take them.
  5. If you have been wondering what is going on with me lately (lack of posts, concentration, follow-through, etc.), now you know.
  6. Though Steve says I can’t blame my behavior lately solely on my iron deficiency, I don’t believe him one tiny bit. In about two weeks, after the increased iron dosage is working in my system:

• I will be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.
• I will be able to do the dishes.
• I will be able to fold laundry and go to the grocery store.
• I will be able to change the litter box.
• I will be Superwoman.

See you in two weeks!