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Well, today is my birthday! I’m 48. This is my day so far:

Woke up. Put on Superman t-shirt that my oldest son gave me when he was 16.

Drove Wes to school. His present to me was removing a Very Large Spider from the house yesterday.

Drove to Alki Beach in West Seattle. Enjoyed the beautiful view.

Had breakfast. Gingerbread pancakes, bacon, and an americano with an extra shot.

Drew the above dog from a “squiggle line.”

Drove to downtown Seattle, settled down to my computer to work.

That’s it so far! But I have a full day ahead of me creating worksheets, filling print orders and responding to various inquiries… I love my job! Thank you for supporting me in it, if only just by reading this post — thank you to everyone for visiting my little corner so often!