Me: Today I’m going to give you the results of Carla Sonheim’s Survey #2.

You: Well, it’s about time!

Me:  So sorry!

+  +  +

Remember the Second Survey? I asked you all this question: “Should Carla Sonheim Pay Survey Monkey $16.99 a Month?” It looked like this:

The second survey came about because, as you may remember, in the first survey, 113 of you answered, but I was only able to access the first 100 responses with my free Survey Monkey account.

Well, 105 of you responded to this second survey, which means there are five responses I can’t view! (LOL) But here are the first 100 answers.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

1. To the question of whether I should pay $16.99 month so I can see those last few answers…

• Eight of you said “Yes, absolutely.”
• 12 of you said, “Maybe.”
• And a whopping 80 of you said, “No, duh.”

Heh, heh.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. The second question asked the “Maybe’s” to explain their answers. Sixteen of the 12 responded. Here are a few of them:

Would the responses probably change your world?

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, not knowing did. 16.99 a month for what? 5 sets of answers.

Why not just do another free survey with the other 5 questions?

Depends if it is worth $17 to you to see them. The curiosity would be killing me, and I would pay the ransom, I mean fee…

Heh heh.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. Okay, the third question was for all you naysayers. I asked you, if your answer was “no” to question #1, then help me with suggestions of how I was supposed to  LIVE with not knowing the answer to those unseen responses. Of the 80 who said “no,” 75 answered this question. You wrote:

Think 100 out of 105 is a fair sample, as the question says duh.

Carla has a great imagination. She can make up her own last five responses.

If it were me, I would not think my 2 cents worth was worth $3.50. Think about children starving in India.

You know you are only supposed to ASK 100 people when you survey, therefore the last 5 don’t count anyway.

Distraction. Suggestions: Exotic Antarctic vacation, astronaut training, become a Liberace impersonator…

You have to accept that those 5 will just have to be part of the big mystery that is life.

If you take $16.99 and divide it by 5, you get approximately $3.40. Instead of paying the monthly fee for 5 responses I think you should take 5 people a month out for coffee with the money. You could even ask them to fill out the survey… *

Most comments were likely moronic, or very similar to the ones you have already viewed. There is a small chance someone said something incredibly revelatory which could, in fact, change your life – but at $16.99/month (which is $17/month, who do they think they are kidding?) that one comment would have to be something along the lines of…….. YOU MUST UPGRADE TO READ THE REST OF THIS MESSAGE.

Since I do these during my job, I’ve learned those last 5 are in reality old ladies who ride the cross town bus every other Wednesday just for fun.

When all else fails… there’s always chocolate.

Heh heh.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. Okay, this last question was supposed to be tongue and cheek! Anyhow, of the 8 respondents who answered “yes” to the original question, a whopping 12 of you responded with ways of how I could raise the $16.99/month:

Car wash, bake sale, or offer up some of your art for sale.

Hold an auction: a copy or two of your book, one of your drawings, your old scarf, a set of eight of your most used colored pencils, etc. and your favorite coffee cup. Or sale of tickets at a min of 50 cents and draw for the above prizes. I say yes because you said monthly and if you are to continue to have a survery you will need to see all answers to guide your decision for your business.

Again, just cancel after the first month. Or maybe earmark a print a month so the buyer knows they not only get the print, but they help out Carla webbiness.

Really? $25 per participant in Silly times how many people = how much?

Heh heh (3). Humpf (1).


So… I guess you are wondering which advice I took! The answer is: at the moment I’m too cheap to pay the money. So, for the time being, I’m just living without knowing…


* Taking 5 people out to coffee is a GREAT idea! It’s a date, then. Any takers? Let’s say the first five people to email me who can join me for coffee next Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 10:00am in downtown Seattle? Email me, and I’ll tell you where: carla@carlasonheim.com.