Well, we put our son Wes (almost 16) on a plane this morning; he’s spending a few weeks in Colorado visiting friends and family. It was so sad to see him walk out of sight after going through security… it was one of those moments when one feels so heavily that their children are growing up and away.

I’ve also felt a bit lonely the last week since Silly 4 ended… but that is just par for the course! (But I do so enjoy the silly chatter and energy when a class is in session!)

* * *

Hey! I was inspired the other day to take out my camera for the first time in YEARS. I have no idea if these photos are any good at all, but I LIKE them, and it was FUN, and truly, that’s the only important thing, right!?

(Obviously I am being inspired by Steve’s photo class, which I’m sort of vicariously “taking” since I’m the Chief-Head-Honcho-Squeenly Proofreader.)

See you soon!