Every three or four years things shift for me work-wise. When younger and working for others, that meant that I would change jobs (or even career paths, see my bio!) every few years.

(Embarassingly, the only person I’ve worked for for longer than four years is myself. But even then, it seems my “job” is always changing and morphing, again on that 3-4 year time schedule.)

When I first started pursuing my artwork 10 years ago, I made a lot of paintings and had some gallery shows and did many art and craft shows and that was the main way I made my income.

A few years later, teaching adults kind of rose to the top and I traveled around teaching for events such as Artfest, Art & Soul, Art Unraveled and others.

And here I am again, watching the seas shift once again. Recently I made the decision to focus on online classes for now, thinking that it is all that I can handle (and do well). I love that I can reach so many people and that I don’t have to travel… with my husband traveling extensively for his work, it was starting to get quite stressful, both of us coming and going so often, especially with Wes still home.

But! (and I just love how life works this way), no sooner had I made the “online-class only” decision when a second book opportunity began to gain momentum.

So it looks like I will be focusing on writing another book AND teaching online classes in the year ahead.

Not as much traveling, but it’s good timing, as we’re expecting our first grandchild in September! Staying closer to home seems like the right thing to do.