1. It started as a rabbit and turned into a miniature donkeybunny.


2. Here are a few things that have come through my e-box lately from friends that I thought I’d share with you!

3. LK Ludwig is giving away a FREE class to celebrate her new blog. It’s called “The Free Flip Flap Free Journal Class” and looks super fun!

4. Jane LaFazio’s next Sketchbook & Watercolor online class is scheduled to start August 11, and be sure to check out her dvd and the prayer flag project and her contributions there.

5. Jill Berry has listed 10 Reasons to Attend her workshop in Italy in September.

6. Dawn DeVries Sokol is hosting an online doodle camp starting in just a few days!

7. Lyric Kinard invites you to stop by her blog and say hello as she continues a month long sketch-a-day project in conjunction with the Sketchbook Challenge’s theme of Elements. 

8. Tracie Lyn Huskamp has just reopened her etsy shop and is having a sale.


9. In other news, Steve’s online class, Shoot Your Art, starts Monday. (I can hear him right now running through his lines for the videos… heh heh, we’re both pretty dorky in front of the camera — it’s HARD!)

10. Wes, Steve and I are working late tonight (Wes is animating for us!), and then going to see the new Harry Potter Movie. Can’t wait!