Today’s my day!

I’m the first of my Artspark friends to give away some loot:

(((((ARTSPARKS* HOT! HOT! HOT! Summer Giveaway!)))))

(For those who don’t know me, my name is Carla Sonheim and I try to make drawing FUN — for myself, for my kids, and for you!

I am giving away a copy of “Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists” and a small original drawing. For a chance to win, please leave your comment explaining either:

A) why you would like to win, or

B) how to keep my cat Natalie from meowing her head off:

(“B” answerers, thanks in advance!)

I will pick a winner randomly on Friday, August 19th (the last day of this giveaway hop and the last day of summer camp (online art classes) — phew!)

Go here for my blog post announcing the blog hop giveaway  to find your giveaway link of the day. (There  will be 10 giveaways total!)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!


And the winner is:

Mary Ann Hurt!!!!!

Why do I want to win your book? Well, because I wish to take one of your next classes and I will NEED this book in order to continue on my art journey! :) As for your sweet kitty — we have a “pound” kitty named Buddy — he often meows when he wants certain things — like when we go outside — he expects a couple of leaves of catnip when we come back in — if he sees there is nothing — we get told. If I leave and he wakes up, he meows to find me. You just need to find out why kitty meows and give her what she wants — probably most of all ATTENTION — scratches behind her ears, on her cheeks, and kisses and hugs! She probably wants love, love, love.

Thanks, everyone for commenting!!