You might have noticed I’ve been a little absent lately. Or that my blog has read more like an advertisement than anything else.

So sorry… I’m back, now, I think!

Steve and I had to double up on the video production schedule last week because he had to (ahem!) go back to his other job. Which means, I’m relatively caught up and can work at a more reasonable pace this week…  relief!

How has your summer been?

In just a few minutes my daughter-in-law, Christi, will be coming to the studio to help me organize. (I’m a hopeless packrat, but she is going to whip this place into shape!)

This little sketchbook painting is/was unfinished, but now that I scanned it in to show you, I think it might be finished! The bunny on the right seems like a ceramic statue to me, and the one on the left is confused. Makes me smile.

Okay, I’m not very cohesive in my thoughts today.

But I’m “back,” promise!