I’ve started “running.”

But I have to put the word running in quotes, as people can and do WALK faster… just today, in fact, I ran a two-mile loop right behind a woman walking. Yes, she was ahead of me the entire time.

So why don’t I just walk?

Well, I’m hoping that, once my body gets used to the MOTION of running, I will eventually get faster.

And since I have such a terrible time finding time to exercise, I figure running gives you the most bang for the buck, so to speak.

And, I’ve been gaining weight slowly and steadily the last few years, and would like to reverse the trend. And since I have walked fairly regularly the last few years, apparently it’s not doing the trick in terms of burning the calories. (Though it could possibly be those daily muffins….)

And I have depression issues, and my husband and general common wisdom has been telling me for years that exercise would help me.

But the reason I’ve started running again, NOW?

Because Dar Hosta runs, and when I stayed with her a month ago she told me her story and it totally inspired me!

Dar is about half my size and runs a minimum of 20 miles per week. So, this means that me, being nearly twice her size, should aim to run half her goal: 10 miles a week, right?

Ten it is.