This little sketch was done in late 2009 when I was an artist-in-resident at the Philadelphia Art Hotel…such a cool place, and featured on Apartment Therapy recently! (I’m posting this image in honor of our cat, Natalie, who was recently sick but now is not!)

*  *  * 

So, how are you today?

Here’s my day so far:

1. Woke up.

2. Tried to write.

3. Gave up, got on train.

4. Arrived at office.

5. Fought with Steve*.

6. Made up with Steve.

7. Worked on video** with Steve.

8. Laughed my head off with Steve.

9. Ate fish tacos with Steve.

10. Wrote this list.


*Husband, business partner.
**We’re working on a video announcing the next Silly workshop… look for all the details on Thursday!