Chalk art by unknown child, taken at the park across the street.

* * *

My calves are sore today.

I spent much of yesterday walking with my son and daughter-in-law around our neighborhood, up and down hilly streets, and many stairs.

(They were trying to help labor along, as the due date was last Thursday.)

I went along, offering to the table moral support and my iphone (i.e. stopwatch, with lap timing capability).

Pre-labor started, and all was happening as hoped/planned.

But in the end, they went home and went to bed.


* * *

Today is 9/11. I am in a quiet mood today. It’s sunny and beautiful and I can hear the ambient sounds of a football game as I write this (“Go. Fight. Win!”). This morning I read the following, written by Thomas Merton about art:

“Inventions yes: but also collaborations with solitude.”

Love that!