I received my contributor’s copy of Rice Freeman-Zachary’s new book, “Destination Creativity: The Life-Altering Journey of the Art Retreat.”

In this book you can travel with Rice as she travels to nine art retreats all over the country. I happened to be teaching at Art & Soul in Las Vegas that year, and so got to be one of her featured artists!

Daniel Essig, Melissa Manley, Deryn Mentock, Jesse Reno, and me! (I was in good company, no?)

Here was the project featured:

And the first layout:

I love this book! Rice chose to write it in a personal, journaling style, and it’s just a wonderful way to be introduced to mixed media art retreats in general and all the artists in particular. She writes:

The more I heard people talk about how one of these art retreats had changed their life, the more certain I was that I needed to 1) find out more and 2) see if art retreats really are all that, and then spread the word.

So in January 2010, I hired my husband, The Ever-Gorgeous Earl, as my photographer and set out on a year-long journey to study art retreats. I bought the maps and did rather a lot of planning, and then we hit the road. Ten months and many thousands of miles later, I have my answer: art retreats do change lives.

I can totally vouch for that!

Rice continues:

Since I realized it’s not possible for everyone to attend on of the large, well-known retreats, I also wanted to encourage people to find ways to bring the art retreat experience home….

And she does that! The book not only chronicles the retreats she and Earl visited, but she gives a lot of insider tips and advice on how to have a retreat of your own, even if it’s in your studio or church basement.

Because, even though we all love the internet, there really is nothing like being in a room with like-minded friends.