JOURNALFEST: A Mixed Media Journaling Retreat
October 26-30, 2011

* * *  

I am good at a lot of things. (Animals! I can draw cute animals!)

The list of things I’m NOT good at is way longer (money, exercise, cooking, toilets…).

Anyway. Another thing I don’t seem to be great at is coming up with retreat class descriptions that just WOW potential students away from all the other tantalizing choices and into my classes. (I’ve struggled with anemic class descriptions the whole time I’ve taught at the mixed media events; thankfully, my reputation as a “good teacher” started assuring healthy class sizes as years went by.) Update: I should note here that I don’t mean to imply that my descriptions are the ONLY reason people don’t sign up! Geesh.

But last week I found out my numbers at Journalfest were so low that I decided I should cancel. (Embarrassing!)

After talking with Teesha today, though, I’ve decided not to cancel after all (a few more students signed up!), and so I want to try one more time to entice some of you to come to Journalfest in Port Townsend, WA in October!!

I’m teaching two classes. The first is called “Your Inner Dr. Suess” and we will be making artist books using watercolor and other mixed media. In the morning we go through a lot of drawing exercises, to loosen you up, get your ideas flowing, and just get more comfortable with pen and paper. In the afternoon we add watercolor to the mix and make the books. These are puzzle books (like the Junk Mail Artist Book) and I’ve taught this class several times and it is ALWAYS fun!

The second class is called “Blobs and Sidewalk Cracks.” It’s a new class and it is based on the first chapter of the book I am currently writing for Quarry. (Yes! I’m writing a new book!) Students in this class will be guinea pigs for new drawing exercises using “found” things as inspiration, blobs, sidewalk cracks, food, trash…. In the morning we will draw, draw, draw (as in all of my classes), and in the afternoon we will draw, draw, draw, paint, paint, paint. I just know it will be a fun class!

(If you like the recent “blob” challenge, or the sidewalk challenges from my newsletter, or any of my recent animals, you will like this class!)

P.S. A special note to Seattle-area people: COME!!!!!!!