Hello! Photo Silly 2 has started, but you are always welcome to sign up through the last day of class and work at your own pace!


Photo Silly “2” with Steve Sonheim

(brought to you by “The Art of Silliness” and Carla the “Squeen”)

Two Week Session • October 31 – November 13, 2011

14 Worksheets • 14 Days

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1.  Fun and Silly Assignments. A daily  assignment to get you out shooting and thinking like a photographer.

2. Your Camera.  Nuts and bolts talk to help you get more comfortable with — and get more out of — your digital camera.

3. Photo Fundamentals. What it comes down to: Light and Composition.

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Here’s the scoop:

• Every day for two weeks (14 days), you will receive a link to a new PDF worksheet that will look kind of like this (click to enlarge):

• You will receive an daily e-mail from Steve where he will further explain concepts that might not fit on a worksheet (including answers to questions from you!).

• New this session: several video tutorials to help with some of the trickier concepts!

• Your daily assignment will have you photographing people, places and things… the whole nine yards and then some.

• A “Photo Silly 2″ flickr site will be created so you can (optionally) share your photographs and get feedback from your fellow students, as well as enjoy and learn from others in the class.  (However, if you are shy about posting your photos, Steve will be available to you to look at your work via email.)

• Steve will be available the entire two weeks by email to answer ANY questions you have. (All Q&As will then be posted on the class blog so everyone can benefit!)

• The class PDFs will be up and available until December 31, 2011, if for some reason you need to miss a day (or a week!). The blog and flickr sites will be up “forever.”

• Steve is an experienced photographer and teacher, and aims to help his students begin to develop their own unique photography “voice.”  He writes, “This class is about looking at the world a little differently through your digital camera, and bringing more photography into your art, and more art into your photography.”

• Requirements: Any digital camera that you can download images to a computer and a basic photo-editing program. (Steve suggests either a trial [free] version of Photoshop Elements or Picasa by Google, also free. These are both easy to use and he will be giving instructions for both as we go along.)

• This class for anyone with a digital camera, a computer, and a willingness to take some chances.

• Photo Silly Alumni:  All the worksheet/silly assignments will be NEW (though the class covers the same basic principles). If you want a refresher or just the prompt-a-day to get you shooting again, please join again!

• The first day of class is Monday, October 31st! Sign up today!

Cost: $35


(or email me at carla@carlasonheim.com for other payment arrangements)

Note: When you sign up you will receive a welcome email confirming your registration within 48 hours.

About Steve

Steve has been a professional for 20 years and has a BA in Applied Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. He currently specializes inhotel and resort photography. He has taught photography classes at Wheaton College, and has had gallery shows with his abstract imagery.

Feedback from Photo Silly “1”:

This class was outstanding! Thank you so much for your time, energy, organization, and for offering this wonderful class from a great perspective. I have some obsessive-compulsive nature when I am challenged — and the Photo Silly direction took me away from some of this behavior — I stretched my abilities — and really got out there and had some fun! I loved this class, the assignments, and they took be far beyond my expectations! THANK YOU THANK YOU!      — Mary Ann

Gotta say this class was way more than I expected. Great class, big thank you’s to you and Steve. I really learned a lot about my camera(s) and gained a lot of confidence – knowing I can capture what I see in my little frame. Looking forward to the class on Photographing Your Artwork – that sounds perfect – and PhotoSillyShop and any more silliness you are dreaming up.     — Diane