(Note: This class is now available as a self-study class)

1-Week Session: December 12-16, 2011  November 14-18, 2011
(By request, I’ve moved the class up a few weeks to accommodate the busy holiday season.)

These journals and purses make GREAT gifts! Join me for a one-week online workshop where you learn how to make a scrap purse and a journal following these “rules”:

  1. Use recycled or reused fabrics whenever possible (old clothes, thrift-store sheets, yard sale finds, etc…)
  2. Use whatever color thread is in the machine.
  3. Embrace imperfections in sewing and execution.
  4. Don’t plan things out. Let your intuition tell you which fabric/colors/ribbon to put down next.
  5. Iron? What iron?
  6. It’s square enough.

Your class fee includes the following:

  1. The Wednesday before class begins, you will receive a link to download four free digital transfer images to use in your projects, if desired (two “girl” and two “animal” designs).
  2. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the week you will receive a link to a pdf with clear, easy-to-follow instructions (including photos).
  3. A special flickr group will be set up for sharing of your designs, questions, conversation, etc. (Or, if you prefer to ask questions privately, I will be fully available by email, too!)
  4. You may use what you’ve learned to make items to sell at craft shows or from your online shops.
  5. If you would like to give the class to a friend, just let me know in the “notes to sellers” box the email I should send the class info to.

Cost: Just $35.00

(email me to sign up: carla@carlasonheim.com)