Hello friends!

There’s so much going on again and so I will go to a 5-point list as is my habit when overwhelmed:

1. My Journalfest classes were so fun. Thank you to all who attended and made such wonderful books and creatures. Please, if you have photos, leave a comment here with a link!

2. I’m pulling back a bit this Fall on creating new content for online classes. But I am repeating two classes… Please consider joining me if you haven’t taken Junk Mail Artist’s Book or A Journal and a Purse. Take one with some friends!

3. During 2011 I’ve been a host over at The Sketchbook Challenge, and this month I got to pick the theme! I’m pretty sure you will be able to guess what it is, but go here to find out. (If you don’t know what The Sketchbook Challenge is, you should check it out. Sooooo much free content, inspiration and encouragement from 16 “hosts” and over 1,000 flickr members!!)

4. Speaking of inspiration, the 2011 hosts (including me!) have produced an The Sketchbook Challenge E-zine! What you’ll find inside…

• Learn how to draw a pinecone with Jane LaFazio
• Exploring Text Collage with Kelli Nina Perkins
• Make a Scrappy House Quilt with Jamie Fingal
• Working in series by Jane Davies
• Make bad art with Lyric Kinard and become a better artist
• Sue Bleiweiss shows you how to make a sketchbook sleeve
• Carol Sloan shares her remedies for blank pages
• Take 5! with Carla Sonheim
• Screenprinting for the Mixed Media Artist by Leslie Tucker-Jenison
• Take your sketchbook out to eat with Susan Sorrell
• Stacked Journaling with Judi Hurwitt
• Learn how to use your inner GPS to create journal pages with Violette
• Learn a trio of pamphlet binding stitches from Diana Trout

4. Blob Thursdays will continue as usual this coming Thursday. 🙂

5. Inspiration for today: Stuart Edie (former instructor, Iowa State University) wrote in 1951:

“People constantly talk about an artist’s vision: does he or does he not paint what he sees? I subscribe to the more or less commonly held belief than an artist does not paint what he sees but rather what he is. It can be assumed that an artist has the same sort of eyes as anyone and sees the same things.”