Well. I seem to have bitten off a little more than I can chew. This has been somewhat true throughout 2011, but especially now!

I’ve mentioned before that I am working on a new book for Quarry Press, publisher of “Drawing Lab.” I agreed to a very quick turnaround, so my deadline is right around the corner, December 1st ! I am quite behind and feeling the need to pull back on everything until it gets done.

So… this blog might languish a bit in the meantime. (I do have some pre-scheduled posts coming up— a giveaway for my friend Jill Berry’s new book, for example — so I won’t be completely gone!)

As you enter into the holiday season, may you be calm and blessed and able to enjoy the season!

(And please wish me luck!!)

PS: I am the guest poster at Alisa Burke’s blog today! Check it out here!