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Photo Silly Advanced
March 12 – 25, 2012
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Okay, for all you PS veterans, here we go a bit deeper. This class will follow the similar PS format with a few changes. We will do 5 assignments per week over two weeks.  The assignments will still be mostly silly but will be based more on personal expression and will give you the opportunity to pursue your own interests.

• A new feature will be the opportunity to opt-in to a weekly critIque. This will be a separate posting where I will give more concrete suggestions for improving your images.

• We will also look more at the principles behind the techniques and settings on the camera.

• And I will touch on some basic editing and lighting techniques.

What you need:

• A digital camera that offers some manual control. This is a great class for DSLR users, but you could do it with something more basic. An Iphone 4s would work if you are flexible.

• An editing program that offers cropping and brightness/contrast adjustments.

• A willingness to take some chances and spend some quality time with your camera.

From previous Photo Silly classes:

“It was such a nice experience to do this PS class. Love it! It’s the first time I do share my photos and that felt so good.” — Paulina, Mexico

“I want to thank you for the great Photo Silly workshop. I enjoyed the workshop very much and definitely feel more comfortable taking photographs. The assignments were very fun and you did a good job getting the information across. The critiques of the student photos was enormously illuminating and I learned a great deal from them.” — Jennifer, U.S.A.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful first-time online photo class experience!  I no longer feel “funny” carrying my camera around with me. Or feel like I am going to break it all the time.  My observation skills have sharpened. Looking for light, angles and just plain ‘seeing’ better and this of course, is wonderful and important for photography as well as other art endeavors. One of the best parts of the class for me was all the other great people I ‘met’ here.” — Kathy, U.S.A.

And here are some photos from former Photo Silly students:






And see Steve’s work at www.sonheimphoto.com