I received the most wonderful package from young artist Mary F. in the mail yesterday! (You might remember Mary’s note to me last January….) She sent me four drawings…

… and this wonderful little hand-embroidered pillow wishing Steve and I a Happy Anniversary:

Thank you, Mary!!

I was so touched by everything, but especially this:

Dear Mrs. Sonheim,

Well, it all started when my friend Page invited me to a book exchange. She also said, “Oh, and ladies, do feel free to dress up as your favorite author.” One of my favorite authors is Patrick Carmon, be he’s a guy, and I don’t want to dress up as a man because that’s just wrong. Until my mom struck the idea, as dressing up as….. You! Oh! what a wonderful idea! My mom always has good ideas.

I wore a blue t-shirt — because you look so pretty in blue. I also wore jeans, my Keds. And this was my oldest sister’s idea — to put baby powder in my hair to look like gray! I have to say, I look kinda goofy. 😀

But it was too much fun! And since you’re an artist, I smeared gesso, watercolors, and markers all over my arms, face, and finger tips. I have to admit it was really fun!

Now if that doesn’t just make a person’s day, I don’t know what would!!

THANK YOU again, Mary!