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August 6-10, 2012 • Watercolor Transfer Paintings

August 13-17, 2012 • Cereal Box Paper Dolls

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C e r e a l  B o x  P a p e r  D o l l s

Summer Camp is back! One-Week intensive workshop: August 13-17, 2012

NOTE! Even though the class has started, you are welcome to sign up and catch up at your own pace.

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“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Here is the key to your earthly pursuits.” — Carl Jung

It’s fun to play with paper dolls! (It’s even more fun to see grown men play with paper dolls, which happened in our household recently.)

In this class you will create set of stand-up paper dolls and a unique, interactive artist book using cereal boxes as your substrate. Your paper dolls will fit into the pockets of the folded book structure, which becomes the backdrop for your characters when folded out. Fun!

You will create your characters based on a fairy tale, a fable, your family, or your imagination. (Can’t draw? No problem! We’ll spend the first day doing fun drawing exercises to build your confidence and get your ideas flowing.)

We’ll also explore other ways to house your dolls, including altering an old book:

And on the last day you will receive tips and tricks for photographing your 3D project by Guest Teacher Steve Sonheim.


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Supply List: 

3 medium-sized cardboard cereal boxes (you can flatten, but don’t cut down yet)

mechanical pencil

pink or red water soluble marker

white paper for drawing exercises (can be regular computer paper)

a #12 round watercolor brush (or similar)

a ½” flat brush (or similar)

brayer (to lay down gesso)

small white cotton rag

white gesso

small watercolor set (cake or tube is fine)

Fine line white gel pen or paint pen


gel medium (to use as glue)

Ribbon or string (to tie book closed)

spray fixative

Optional items (I will demo these things but are not necessary to participate in the class):

small set of water soluable crayons

red pastel (chalky)

heat gun

white FW acrylic ink

a couple of Copic markers (or any alcohol-based marker)

an old book to alter