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It’s good to experiment with new things!

I finished the last of my summer online classes Friday, and so finally felt free to join some friends for a Sunday art-making gathering. I experimented with wet-on-wet watercoloring (I usually paint wet-on-dry, meaning, I will paint a layer of watercolor, let it dry completely, then go in with a second layer).

This lady started out as Liesel Lund, but I didn’t capture Liesel at all in my first paint stroke (darn!), so she just became an imaginary portrait instead.

Lots to do now to catch up on neglected things. Have a great week!

P.S. I used Yasutomo Sumi-e watercolors.

P.S.S. My friend Dar Hosta asked if she could print out my lady to make a Cranky Bird! Click here to see it!