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One thing leads to another:

1. Yesterday I was looking at some digital back issues of SchoolArts Magazine (great ideas, highly recommended!).

2. In one of the articles, somewhere, I found the link to David Hockney’s site.

3. Then I found this wonderful drawing, “Evil Man” from 1963.

4. I decided I wanted to copy it so spent a lot of time looking all over the web for a bigger image.

5. No luck, though, so I decided to draw from the small thumbnail nevertheless. (This, ironically, freed me up because I couldn’t see that much detail anyway, so, well, whatever!).

6. Since it wasn’t going to be a true copy anyway (I couldn’t really see it very well),  I decided to do a self-portrait in the style instead. Why not?

7. Drew myself lightly in pencil first, using the computer monitor as my “mirror”; also not ideal, but ironically, freeing (if it doesn’t really look like me, THAT’s why!).

8. In pencil, tried to replicate Hockney’s expressive line work on the outline of the face and shoulders. Erased most of the very light lines I had drawn in step 7.

9. Added colored pencil (after “Evil Man“).

10. Done!