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Here it is, my new book!

This book features 9 “messing around” exercises and 10 “mixed-media” projects (which, together, touch on almost all of my painting and drawing tricks and techniques that I’ve used the past 20 years — whether drawing animals, people, flowers, or playing around with abstraction — so even if you’re not an animal nut like me, I hope you will find something helpful in “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals” [Quarry Books]!)

Why did I create this book? Drawing animals has been kind of an obsession the past three or four years, and I was anxious to share the fun!

Also, about ten years ago I ran across an article highlighting animals in contemporary artwork. There were some wonderful things going on, and it served as an inspiration for me these past years to just “go for it” with regards to focusing on animals in my artwork. When I looked for books on the subject, however, I was surprised at the scarcity of books on drawing contemporary, stylized animals.

So I wrote one! (My own version.)

Here’s the Table of Contents:

SECTION 1: Just Messing Around
1. Blobs & Sidewalk Cracks (3 exercises related to “Finding Animals Around You”)
2. Photos & Life (3 exercises for “Drawing Animals Around You”)
3. Memory and Imagination (3 exercises for “Drawing Animals Within You”)

SECTION 2: Mixed-Media Projects
4. Oaxacan Dotted Elephant: More is More
5. Imaginary Animals: Abstract Watercolor Starts
6. Junk Mail Creatures Book: Gesso and Watercolor
7. Watercolor Transfer Animals: Iron-Ons
8. Doggone It! Messy Collage
9. Animals in Tape: Instant Collage
10. Creatures on Wood, Part I: Puzzle Paintings
11. Creatures on Wood, Part II: Embracing Serendipity
12. Go Fish! Installation
13. Wrapped and Tied: 3-D Fabric Animals

Section 3: 12 Featured Artists



Today is the first day of a two-week blog celebration, and I wanted to give you an idea of what’s ahead the next two weeks:

Sunday, 9/23: Intro to Book, Schedule
Monday, 9/24: Art Tutorial
Tuesday, 9/25: Book Giveaway!
Wednesday, 9/26: Book Giveaway, Artist Karine Swenson
Thursday, 9/27: Drawing Assignment, Art Giveaway
Friday, 9/28: Book Giveaway, Artist Karen O’Brien
Saturday, 9/29: Shading Tutorial, Art Giveaway

Sunday, 9/30: Book Giveaway, Artist Malathip Kriheli
…………… Also: Book Giveaways in tandem with today’s Radio Interview with Artistically Speaking Talk Show, 3:30pm PST
Monday, 10/1: Book Giveaway, Assignment, Artist Dar Hosta
Tuesday, 10/2: Book Giveaway, Artist Lisa Firke
Wednesday, 10/3: Drawing Assignment: “Go Blob Hunting”
Thursday, 10/4: Book Giveaway, Artist Petra Overbeek Bloem
Friday, 10/5: Eraser Drawing Tutorial, Art Giveaway
Saturday, 10/6: Book Giveaway, Artist Julie LaPointe
Sunday, 10/7: Wrap-Up!


Thank you so much for checking in and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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