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It’s Monday. And Mondays are sometimes Cranky Days. Enter Dar Hosta Cranky Birds!

(Photos used by permission from Dar’s blog.)

Cranky Birds are the brainchild of my friend Dar Hosta, a children’s book author, illustrator, and educator from New Jersey.

These birds are so funny. They say what they think. Well, they say what you and I think, and daren’t say.

But don’t be afraid of Dar, because she swears it’s not really her — it’s the BIRDS! From her website:

Dar Hosta is a nice, well-mannered children’s book author who is neither cranky, nor a bird. 

You would like her.  Lots of people do.

She does, however, have a flock of birds who rant about lots of things.

In general, they are nice birds. They are just a little cranky.

I’m so happy have been able to include one of Dar’s Cranky Birds in the book. Go here to see more….

Art Assignment and Book Giveaway!
Are you a Cranky Bird today? Then head on over to Dar’s 52 Mondays Blog. Dar has created an assignment for you (and me… see it on her blog), and also has a copy of “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals” to give away, so head on over!

(And if you do make your own Cranky Bird, you can upload it at the new Drawing and Painting Imaginary Creatures flickr group!)

This post is part of a Two-Week Book Release Celebration for my new book, “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop with Carla Sonheim.” For the schedule, which includes book and art giveaways, contributing artists features, tutorials, and assignments, click here.