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Phew! You made it. Thanks so much for tuning in to this two-week celebration of the release of “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals.” I wanted to write a one-stop post to list all the giveaway winners, as well as to say THANK YOU to all of you who left such wonderful comments over the past two weeks. πŸ˜€

The winners are:

Day #3Β 
Book and Elephant card β€” Valerie B. from Canada
Book β€” Trudi I. from Canada
*Book β€” Abigail from New York, USA
*Book β€” Jeannievh from Washington, USA
*Book β€” Serena M. A. from Minnesota, USA
*Book β€” Birthe L. from Denmark

* Note: Those starred above were GIFTED copies of the book by artist Savannah “Silly-Dawn O’Brien (savvangogh@earthlink.net). Thank you, Savannah!

Day #4 β€”Β Book from Karine Swenson‘s giveaway β€” Claudia K. from Germany
Day #5 β€” Blobimals artwork β€” Carla D. from Washington, USA
Day #6 β€” Book from Karen O’Brien‘s giveaway β€” Gill W. from the U.K.
Day #7 β€” Tape Bird artwork β€” Linda M. from Washington, USA
Day #8 β€” Book β€” Shena M. from Canada
Day #9 β€” Book from Dar James‘s giveaway β€” Vee
Day #10 β€” Book from Lisa Firke‘s giveaway β€” Tina W. from Minnesota, USA
Day #12 β€” Book from Petra Overbeek Bloem’s giveaway β€” Sharry M. from Alaska, USA
Day #13 β€” Eraser Cat artwork β€” Paige from New Jersey, USA
Day #14 β€” Book from Julie LaPointe‘s giveaway β€” TBD

Also, there were two book winners during the interview with Rebecca E. Parson’s Artistically Speaking Talk Show interview β€” Genevieve C. from Canada and Sandra S. from Oregon.

(And a HUGE thanks to my publisher,Β Quarry Books, for donating the books!)

Thank you again for sticking with me these past two weeks… and I hope the winners enjoy their books and artwork!

(I’m off to Colorado….)