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Once upon a time there was a fairly tall giraffe named Carla.

She liked to draw and paint and make stuff, and also taught art classes. She decided to host a year-long class called Year of the Giraffe, which was described, among other things, as “a creativity experiment.”

One day she ordered a pizza from World Pizza in Seattle, Washington. When the box was handed to her, there was a really cool drawing on it.

On the way home she thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to ask that pizza girl to draw a giraffe next time?”

Then she thought, “Nah. Too shy.”

Then she thought, “Wait a minute! This giraffe thing is a creativity EXPERIMENT. Experiments are inherently risky. Come on… DO IT!”

So she did.

The next week Carla the Giraffe ordered another pizza.

She asked the girl (whose name turned out to be Emily) to draw her a giraffe.

And she did!


Thank you, Emily Hyde!


And thank you, World Pizza, for being a cool place to eat and draw!



Last call! There is still a day or two to join the Giraffe Fun. It’s been a wonderful month already, and there’s 11 months to go! Details for the year-long online class/experiment here. (Come on… DO IT!!!)