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Yesterday, by about 4pm, I was floundering. I didn’t seem to be getting anything done! And the little bit I had tried to sew…


… had ended up in the trash (after cutting out the good linen from the back).

I was TRYING to make a simple stuffed giraffe kind of like this one…


… by printing this image on fabric:


Since I don’t have my sewing machine here, I tried to hand-sew it, and it was terrible. Blech.

So I printed out another copy, and decided to paint the fabric to give the giraffe more of an outline so that when I sewed it, it made sense. I wanted the paint to be transparent, but I was too lazy or whatever to figure out the right way to do it. So I used the watercolors on my table:


The back side looked cool, too:


Just for fun I ran the whole piece of fabric underwater and the paint DID NOT wash out! Just a little color ran, but for the most part, the watercolor seemed to be semi-permanent on the  Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Sheets.

Note to self: Play more with this.

But then, when I was scanning the image in, the scanner did a weird thing for a moment and the giraffe suddenly looked like this:


So I saved that copy and went on to play with other versions digitally in Photoshop:

giraffexxx2  giraffexxx3

I then printed out the last version on watercolor paper, and tried to “improve” it with more paint. Unfortunately, things got ugly, and I ended up using sandpaper and gesso to try and save it:


Not so much. Oh well!

Then I went home, after what turned out to be a really fun day!