I LOVE to sew! But I hate pins, and over the years (bit by bit) I’ve said “goodbye” to pins and even patterns, preferring to “eyeball” things, both when sewing by hand and using the machine. 

Rules for Rags-to-Stitches

1. Use recycled or reused fabrics whenever possible
(yard-sale clothes, thrift-store sheets, sale socks…)

2. Use whatever color thread is in the machine.

3. Embrace imperfections in sewing and execution.

4. Don’t plan things out. Let your intuition tell you which
fabric/colors/ribbon to put down next.

5. It’s square enough.

* * *  

In the two one-week e-classes that follow, you can make animal softies, a journal, and a purse while following the above rules (and with a little technical guidance from your teacher)! Note: You don’t need a sewing machine for the animal class.

* * * 


April 29 – May 3, 2013 • $45
• One-week intensive
• Five instructional videos
• Indefinite Class Access
• Instructor feedback

In this class you’ll make an owl, a pony, and an elephant. Note: You do not need a sewing machine to take this class, but there are a few times I do use the machine in the videos (but can be substituted with hand sewing).




I love making these animals, which take between 45 minutes and 2 hours to make, depending on the complexity. I anticipate the class will keep you busy for about an hour each day.


Scrap Animal Cost: $45 • Click to Sign Up!




May 13 – 17, 2013 • $35
• One-week intensive
• PDF-based class (no video)
• Indefinite Class Access
• Instructor feedback

Note: This is a repeat class; those previously signed up are welcome to join in this time at no additional cost; just email me!

In this class you will make a beautiful scrap journal and a purse using only a sewing machine (no hand sewing).

You’ll also receive four downloadable images of recent Carla art to print out on fabric or transfer paper to use in your projects.





Journal & Purse Cost: $35 • Click to Sign Up!

* * *

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you (or a sewing friend) can join me!

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