Hello and how are you? The above cartoon strip was made for the giraffe class, and the brown bird “thing” is actually a “Bluebird-Catching Nose Saddle.” It’s difficult to recognize perhaps as they are quite rare…

I’m getting extra baby time these next few weeks as I try and give a hand to Christi (my son Christer is back to teaching after a short paternity leave). Liam (18 months) and Ethan (3 weeks) are doing well, though everyone is pretty tired. I’m writing this from their couch!

I have had three radio interviews this past week and have several more scheduled. They are both fun and scary (kind of like DRAWING!). I am usually a nervous wreck leading up to them, and then sort of the equivalent of “whistling” when they’re over, having enjoyed myself!

Finally, I got the most wonderful email last week from one of the Draw! online class students. Mom to four, Aimee G. did the 21-day drawing workshop with her two daughters, aged 10 and 12. They all did every assignment and to celebrate they hosted a Family Art Show at their home! IMG_2290


Art filled every wall in their house…IMG_2293

Aimee wrote that their Family Art Show was “perfect for the kids to see all that they had accomplished.”IMG_2302


From the figure drawing portion of the class during the third week…IMG_2320IMG_2322


… isn’t the work incredible?

Thank you, Aimee, for sharing this with us!