Notebook doodles.

I spent some time this morning reading out of a terrific book titled “The Art of the Artist: Theories and Techniques of Art by the Artists Themselves.” Published in 1951 and compiled by drawing instructor Arthur Zaidenberg, it consists of short statements/essays on art by university and Artists League art instructors. Here are a few excerpts that spoke to me:

“[A painter’s] ingenuity is excited with the very limitation of the medium.”
— Marion Greenwood

“No matter how you paint, someone else walks in your canvas.
They call it influence.”

— Nahum Tschacbasov

“Why should a painting be easy to understand in a world in which
nothing is easy to understand?”
— Judson Smith

“I think there is only one way for all artists, and that is the indirect way.
The artist must be a creative person and have the attitude of a
creative person; 
he must find real purpose and pleasure in exploring the
nature of people and things; and he must develop his senses
through contact with sensuous things.”
— Doris Lee

* * *
Have a great day!